July 14, 2015: City Clerk Angie Blevins confirmed that she has sent the City Council Reform Amendment petitions to the Franklin County Board of Elections so signatures can be counted. Of the approximately 30,000 petition signatures collected, at least 8,957 must be validated for the ballot issue to move forward.

If sufficient signatures are validated, Columbus city Council will determine legal sufficiency and (if it so determines) pass an ordinance to place the issue on the ballot. The petition count is expected after July 20, with final vote by council projected on July 27th.

July 2, 2015:The Coalition announces that it will be filing the Columbus City Council Reform Amendment.

What: Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government Submits 30,000 signatures
When: Tuesday July 7th 2015- 3:50pm
Where: South Steps of Columbus City Hall (90 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215)

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Welcome to the website of Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government.  At ComFest 5

We are submitting a citizen initiative with the petition signatures of 26,870 citizens seeking for a vote on city council districts on Monday, July 6, 2015, with a Press Conference to be scheduled Tuesday, July 7th at 4:00.

Please find out more about this issue here.  Please stay tuned for additional information to be released in coming days.

We are a citizens’ ballot committee that seeks to return the concept of democracy to Columbus, Ohio.  We have watched with alarm as our local elections have become a joke — structured in such a way as to make meaningful competition for City elective offices impossible.  As a result, these City offices are not as responsive to the people of Columbus as they could be, and the regular democratic processes have been subverted. Please read below, and support us with a donation.

The DARE 2B FAIR policy agenda consists of the following:

Districts deserve a vote.  The Columbus City Council Reform Amendment is is a citizen initiative to amend the Columbus City Charter, to change the structure of Columbus City Council from 7 members, all elected in At Large city wide elections, to an 11 member council, with 4 members elected At Large and 7 members elected by voters of the Districts in which they reside and to enact related changes in support of better political representation for residents.

Arena bailouts demand a vote.  This is a citizen initiative to amend the 2011 Columbus City Council ordinance (law) that provides City lease payments to fund public ownership of Nationwide Arena.

Reform campaign financing.  This is a citizen initiative to provide a comprehensive system of campaign laws for elections to the offices of Mayor and Council in Columbus.

Enhance public discourse for a stronger democracy.  The Coalition supports a number of efforts to ensure that information is not obstructed and withheld from citizens.  We support the return of public access television to the people, and we oppose City Council’s policy of turning off television cameras before citizens can speak to Council on non-agenda items at Council meetings.

We believe that if the four initiatives outlined above are accomplished, Columbus governance will be more:

Fiscally prudent

Accessible to the people

Independent minded, and

Responsive to the citizenry.


Contact us at info@columbuscoalition.com, or 614-595-2986.

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